Beer Brats Smoked and Grilled Bratwurst by the BBQ Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys Bratwurst, seared, and then steamed, “low and slow” in German beer, is a must-do at your next tailgating or back-yard barbecue. Good eatin’ don’t get any better than this!


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  1. DizzyDish
    DizzyDish says:

    I love vidalia onion. Cut the top and bottom off, take the outside peel off, cut halfway through as to quarter, thick aluminum foil to wrap them up with a chunk of butter, salt and pepper, wrap and toss directly on the coals for 15-20 minutes, GUUUUD.

  2. Fredrick McDonald
    Fredrick McDonald says:

    i love your new little pittmaster make sure you train him how to cook gooood. dont listen to the haters now days people eat what they like . don't be a dush bag nathan ! he dont have to buy time on youtube and bust his butt putting theses videos out here If i was you id thank them guys. hey by the way got a awsome mcdonald sauce i made works on every thing Sriracha,mayo,mustard, louisianna hot sauce and the final A1 steak sauce man it is good.

  3. Hugo Hugenotten
    Hugo Hugenotten says:

    I have to say this Pitmaster knows his stuff. I am German and I think he really honoured our German Bratwurst. Also I am always happy to see other BBQ enthusiasts appreciate German beer. If you want to try another fantastic German beer look out for "Chiemseer Hell", "Rothäuser Tannenzäpfle" or a good ol´ "Krombacher". If you can´t buy them I also could send you three free samples.
     "Prost"! and keep up the good work.

  4. Larry Parent
    Larry Parent says:

    THIS IS SMELL-A-VISION AT ITS FINEST!! CAUSE IT SMELLS GUUUD!! I see you like COOPs Mustard too!! I will use BBQ sauce on mine.I love 'COLA Q' sauce!! I will top mine with a slice of cheese! The cheese will keep the onion in place,MMMMMMMMMMMMM!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Always making me hungry!!


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