Beer Braised Mussels


Chef Tom cooks up some beer braised mussels on the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill.

Full Recipe:

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  1. Pudgy Pedal Pusher
    Pudgy Pedal Pusher says:

    Hey Tom. Guy from Maine here. We LOVE our steamers and other shellfish. One piece of advice for prepping your live shellfish. Soak them in a beer and breadcrumb paste. They’ll eat it and purge and sand/dirt and essentially improve their taste. Do this a day ahead and your shellfish will be that much better.

  2. Shawn Mitcham
    Shawn Mitcham says:

    Amazing recipe. Flavor profile was completely on point. Only thing I noticed is that it was a pretty salty. Don't know if that was the bacon I chose, the recipe, or me, but I'd suggest adding the salt after all is said and done. Great recipe Chef Tom. How about smoked/grilled bone marrow? Interested?

  3. Lazaro Benavides
    Lazaro Benavides says:

    hi Cheff I live in México City and last saturday I cooked this recipe at a friend's house watching the UEFA champions soccer final and let me tell you it was a great success. Instead of cast iron I used a clay skillet for paella. The mussles turned out great.

  4. Rob Metzger
    Rob Metzger says:

    OMG! Soooo Gooood!!! 🤤 My daughter likes fish & the only thing I know how to do is cedar planked salmon. What other types of fish & other types of cooking methods are good on the grill? I have a Primo XLO.


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