Beef, Vegetable and Barley Soup | Struggle Meal But Eating GOOD!

Beef, Vegetable and Barley Soup | Struggle Meal But Eating GOOD!

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Beef, Vegetable and Barley Soup | Feed Your Family for $7.75 | BUDGET MEAL

“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. Tony Reynolds
    Tony Reynolds says:

    We don’t have a lot of money, so we’ve been making soups like this for a long time. Sometimes when we have some extra money, we’ll still make soups like this because they’re delicious and we love them!! Thanks!👍

  2. Buzzy'sHelper
    Buzzy'sHelper says:

    I made something similar just last week. Instead of Barley, I used lentils because I had them. I also make bone broth out of all bones that come into my house. Chicken bone broth, pork chop, and I go to the butcher were I can buy soup bones for $1.99, I save most scrap veg and now I have 15-20 sandwich size zip bags frozen in the deep freeze. I haven't bought stock in cartons in years. I do buy some bouillon tho, it is easy to store and it adds a lot more flavor. I freeze tomatoes whole ( Romas) and I just toss in 2 or three.

  3. Stephen White
    Stephen White says:

    This is such a great recipe. It's the kind of food I cook all the time because it's inexpensive, easy and delicious. I'm not feeding a family, I have a household of one, so there are leftovers for days but it stays delicious every single time.

  4. Joey Tomato
    Joey Tomato says:

    Hamburger soup! We make this at least once a month at my house… not becaus its cheap… because we like it so much!

    We usually use potatoes (because we always have potatoes), but have used barely and rice dozens of times. Usually just depends on who's doing the cooking that night, or who went to the grocery store that week.

    Good stuff!

  5. Soupmanson
    Soupmanson says:

    This has been my go to veggie beef soup recipe for years. If you do not have the canned tomatoes, toss in a jar of spaghetti sauce instead. Trust me, it works and tastes great !

  6. ghost_to_a_ghost
    ghost_to_a_ghost says:

    happy to see this channel blowing up the way it is! i've done several of your recipes. i'm single and live alone but big batches of food just last me longer if i follow these recipes. i take the leftovers to work or i eat them a day or two later when i don't have time to cook or just don't feel like cooking. long time fan. thanks for looking out for US, THE PEOPLE!

  7. Clinton Alexander
    Clinton Alexander says:

    My mom made that when I was a kid once a week it was yummy but she added a whole onion diced and a couple of diced potatoes and a big can of sliced stewed tomatoes and I'm 61 years old and I make it myself yummy

  8. Дмитрий Петрович
    Дмитрий Петрович says:

    Like what the heck is this, beef, tomatoes, worcestershire sauce, garlic and onion powders. This is not a struggle meal nor is it on a budget. 8 dollars for a soup, jesus. I once lived a whole month on 20 bucks and if I'd cook something like this I simply wouldn't survive.


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