Beef Tallow Smoked Brisket


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for a Beef Tallow Smoked Brisket, cooked utilizing the Foil Boat Method.
Full recipe:
How to Make Beef Tallow:

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  1. Ruben Saenz
    Ruben Saenz says:

    The point of the boat is to do it without butcher paper to help the bark develop all the while keeping the brisket moist by allowing it to cook in its own juices. Check out Chuds BBQ

  2. Karrott9
    Karrott9 says:

    This is going to sound dumb…seems really juicy, but is it super greasy? I don't handle fried foods well. So is a beef tallow brisket like going to the fair and eating all the deep fried food?

  3. Ryan Gies
    Ryan Gies says:

    When you pulled the brisket at 203, why didn't you let it cool or "rest" on a rack or counter? If you simply placed in a Cambro or Yeti cooler then the carryover temperature would likely rise to 220-230 and then you've overcooked the meat. Franklin explains the need for resting in his book, as well as the "hold" (which he does in a proofer/warmer oven) for up to 9 hours.

  4. Sone Ares
    Sone Ares says:

    Here's an idea. At 165, separate the point from the flat. Leave the point naked in the boat. Wrap the flat in butcher paper. You'll keep the crispy bark on the point which will complement the tenderness. The flat will stay juicier when wrapped in butcher paper. With this method, you can pull the flat sooner as needed and let the point cook longer since it's bigger.

  5. Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray says:

    I’ve been trying to cook artichoke. I had some in Kansas City at Pig and Finch and it was phenomenal. I can’t seem to make mine even taste decent. Can you do a video on how to trim, grill, smoke, an artichoke?

  6. Audrey Rae
    Audrey Rae says:

    Cats outta the bag lol pretty much all the bbq joints in Texas use this method. Im just surprised it took this long for folks to figure it out. But if done correctly it's usually an amazing brisket.

  7. Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson says:

    Would it be ok to throw it on a really hot charcoal grill for a few minutes each side after unwrapping in order to firm up the bark, or would that ruin the brisket?

  8. ARGuy2021
    ARGuy2021 says:

    Man, bbq used to be affordable for us home cooks. That prime brisket (at the time of release) is about $165 dollars. Sheesh. I'll just stick with my choice cuts of meat and hope for the best.


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