Beef Ribs with Grapefruit Habanero Marinade


We love beef ribs, and with the addition of this spicy citrus marinade they are taken to a whole new level. Full recipe on The Sauce:

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  1. Aron J
    Aron J says:

    Greetings. Thanks for this video. I have a couple of quick questions. I've been hooked on doing beef back ribs for the past two weeks. I keep telling myself if I keep smoking them I will get better at preparing them. My first question is how did you get such meaty ribs? The ones I've been picking up from Restaurant Depot have had most of the meat on the top of them cut off in the processing process. My second question is do you typically remove the membrane on the back of the ribs? I did for the first time yesterday but it seems like I got no advantage from doing so because it seems like there is an additional membrane that was still there.

  2. T&T BBQ
    T&T BBQ says:

    what is awesome take off from beef ribs. Not thinking outside the box I love beef ribs on how to get this recipe a try. my big friend videos coming thanks T & T barbecue


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