Beef Ribs Three Different Ways #Shorts

Beef ribs three different ways to figure out which ones we liked best
#Beef #Ribs #Shorts

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25 replies
  1. Warren Martin
    Warren Martin says:

    Hell yeah!! This is how I found my wife. I was having issues holding onto a decent woman until I learned how to cook using a smoker. Now I have three. Two pellets and one conventional.

  2. InnerZen
    InnerZen says:

    He kind of looks like that guy from saw 1 who cut his leg off to escape ( I…I… I'll come back for you)….Anyone see it? pin me man I know you've heard this before.

  3. Parloso
    Parloso says:

    It you dont know Gal-bi… or Kal-bi…. I feel sorry for yo mada. If anyone cant find that cut… ask your butcher for Flanken cut Short ribs. Most butchers will accommodate.


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