Beef Negimaki on the Kamado Joe Classic II


Chef Eric is joined by Chef Andy of Blue Fin Sake Bar (Wichita, KS) and they whip up some Beef Negimaki on the Kamado Joe Classic II.

Full Recipe:

Check Out Blue Fin Sake Bar Here:

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  1. shihlin1
    shihlin1 says:

    Actually the outside layers of beef are supposed to be marinated in a soy-mirin sauce for an hour before cooking. Without marinading, can't really call it Negimaki.

  2. Tim Braddick
    Tim Braddick says:

    Huge shout out Chef Tom and Chef Eric for trying something new and out of the ordinary. I appreciate y’alls willingness to step outside the box and be creative. Life long fan here.

  3. bstoltey
    bstoltey says:

    Eric, I thought i saw a video of you cooking a brisket on a Kamado Joe where you wrapped the brisket in plastic wrap. Wanted to try it out but now I can't find video. Can you repeat that video on this channel?


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