Beef Jerky

W3Schools – full episode on direct heat and mesquite BBQ

Lookin’ for a quick and easy way to preserve your beef? In this segment, Aaron Franklin shows you how to make your own delicious beef jerky. Whether you’re out on the trail or in need of an on-the-go snack, this smoked beef jerky recipe will satisfy the most intense meat cravings.

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  1. Clive Friedrich
    Clive Friedrich says:

    Venison backstrap. Watch the weather and look for a window that is cold and dry that will last for at least 5 days. Cut the backstrap lengthwise into 2 or 4 pieces. Rub each piece liberally with Morton's Quick cure, sprinkle all sides with coarse ground black pepper. A smokehouse is preferable to apply smoke for several hours with zero heat. If using a pit it must be one with an offset. Start fire using small kindling. Place larger pieces over kindling after it has burned down, you want smoke but no heat. Place meat as far away from the burn box as possible and close the flue. Check the temperature often making sure the temperature doesn't register. Three hours should be enough in a confined space. Once the meat has been smoked to your liking, punch a hole in one end and thread a string through it. Enough to hang the piece of meat on a wire in direct sunlight with a free breeze. Let hang for three or four days. Take down and enjoy.

  2. Learn to BBQ
    Learn to BBQ says:

    Hickory is my favorite wood to smoke with but I do like apple and cherry when I smoke a turkey. Also, Aaron is right when buying wood. Better to buy the wood green and age it yourself than to buy dried wood that will burn too hot and not give consistent smoke.

  3. Go2CCC
    Go2CCC says:

    Franklin said “i don’t think they had teriyaki sauce in the old days” haha but i guess they had food dehydrators to make their jerky Franklin 🤣😂


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