Beef Brisket Trimming by the BBQ Pit Boys


Some Barbecue joints remove some of the fat first before smoking for easier prepping and slicing and before serving their customers. Buy yourself a whole beef brisket and then trim it up for a “low and slow” barbecue on your grill or smoker. It will save you some money, and it’s easy to do, as demonstrated by one of the BBQ Pit Boys!

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  1. Tommans 650
    Tommans 650 says:

    I like to distribute the fat across my brisket slice the fat thin then layer it across the meat Cook with it on, then after cooked remove the fat, blend it into delicious bbq gravy.

  2. whoyoukidding1
    whoyoukidding1 says:

    You guys are the trailblazers of YouTube. You're the ones that got it all started. All the other BBQ channels are in debt to you. Yeah, there are a bunch of good BBQ channels on YouTube but they wouldn't be here if not for you. You're still my go-to channel.

  3. hunclemike
    hunclemike says:

    An hour and 15 per pound at 250 will get the job done nicely as a general rule of thumb and with the occasional spritz of choice…..I keep a water pan next to the fire just to add some humidity……but I disagree with cutting that much fat out as it absolutely bastes the meat as it renders fact, you said some put it above the brisket to baste…why not just leave it on? and I like to eat that fat….on a piece of grilled bread with some chopped up and toasted onion…EWWWWW WEEEE!!!..and I have never had to wrap the meat but will add hardwood coal instead of post oak as I sense the brisket has had enough smoke as flavor. We all do it differently and I like trying other techniques as it adds variety to my eatin'……

  4. BBQ Pit Boys
    BBQ Pit Boys says:

    a fat cap does nothing more than insulate the brisket and trap moisture in the meat. It does not render through and that includes the internal fat of the Brisket. BTW Competition teams will trim off a lot of the fat, unlike many BBQ joints. You don't want a judge chewing on fat..!

  5. chuck miller
    chuck miller says:

    I cook competition all the time and I take all the fat off I can get off except for the fat cap. I just thin it down a little. I have never seen a competition team NOT trim a brisket. The last thing you want to turn in is fat. BBQ Pit Boys did it right. Your brisket will never hit temp, at 190 deg. You have never cooked a brisket, your post proves it.


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