Beef Bacon Bagels | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Beef Bacon Bagels, packed with molten cheese, direct from Germany and looking great too as shown here by Pitmaster Waterbug Blue from the BBQ Pit Boys Spiceburg Central chapter.
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  1. KFOFM. Vlog,
    KFOFM. Vlog, says:

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  2. jacob singer
    jacob singer says:

    Ohhh crap!! 😨😫😫😫 i just got convinced by vegan Ed that its all unethical and harmful to abuse and eat animals. But wtf do i care? I cant stawp watching you guys and eating deers


    Not only does this look incredibly delicious, but I find it absolutely hilarious that a traditional jewish food is using such copious amounts of pork on it.
    It's like a hindu curry with beef. xD

  4. nick
    nick says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for 5/6 years. The last 6 months or so your content has been horrible. What happened to you guys????
    Did you lose interest? Are you chasing the bucks?
    Please get back to what got you here.
    Backyard barbecues. Normal stuff like that.


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