Beef and Bean Burritos – How to make a Burrito



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  1. Karla Peterson
    Karla Peterson says:

    This is pretty much the exact recipe I like to use. So good. I am the only one in my family who eats burritos though, so I roll up the whole batch of filling into the tortillas, wrap them tightly with tin foil, and freeze them. When I want one for a meal, I throw it into a toaster oven foil and all for 20 minutes. Perfectly simple meal.

  2. 1slogar
    1slogar says:

    I've been making burritos all sorts of ways for 40 years and will be making them again for my traditional Christmas Burritos dinner (red & green sauce). I have never made them quite like this but I always enjoy your videos and your creativity.

  3. kc woolsey
    kc woolsey says:

    I learned about putting rice in the burrito from a Mexican catering place I work with – I just thought it was normal to add rice – how you do it (except for beans) is how I've been doing it for years now….this is a great recipe – I don't do chili seasoning – guess I'll have to try that. I take re fried beans and spread that on the tortilla before adding the mixture and grated cheese, in place of the beans in the mixture – I also warm the tortilla over the gas on my stove, to make it more pliable. It's nice to know that others like this mixture! Good Job!

  4. aleiakay
    aleiakay says:

    i wouldn't have thought of putting the rice inside, our family always had the rice as a side dish 🙂 and we always used pinto beans, i guess black beans don't taste much different? i don't know but it made me want some of your burrito 🙂


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