Bean Soup – Northern and Pinto Bean Soup


The Wolfe Pit makes a pot of simple, easy, delicious and comforting Bean Soup! Perfect comfort food on a cold Fall or Winters day!

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  1. The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin says:

    i'll need to relay this recipe the next time we go to have beans and cornbread, sounds a lot more flavorful as the ones i've had were pretty bland, and it's gotta be bad when the highlight of the meal is the cornbread.

  2. seattwa
    seattwa says:

    Hey Larry! I like how you used the soaking water for flavor and the starch from the beans to thicken the soup. I'm making bean soup today, glad I watched this first! Another job well done my friend!

  3. Roxanne Bryce
    Roxanne Bryce says:

    Finally, we find a video that not only keeps the original water, but then adds vegetables!! I know we ripped on one of your videos earlier, but THIS one is totally perfect and definitely screams "crock pot"! Starting this early tomorrow morning and we are certainly having cornbread….yay!

  4. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    I don't drain anything out, myself. Once the beans are rinsed and clean, any "bean juice" that comes out of them STAYS as part of the broth. That's some fine looking soup, and nice and thick, the way I like it. It warms you up and KEEPS you warm.


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