BBQ with Franklin: The Smoker


Before you put the brisket on, Aaron explains how to modify and season your smoker.

“Greenville Girl”
Vox/Bass – Solid Gold Makowski
Drums/ Rusty ole’ Milkcan – Kory Cook
Bari Sax/Barnyard Skronk – Thad Scott
Guitar/Dobro/Barnyard Skronk – Big Jeff
Recorded/mixed by Dale X Allen
Licorice Tree Records, 2008

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  1. Mike Rouswell
    Mike Rouswell says:

    Arron, if I take a packer brisket season it as you instruct, but I do not trim it at all, and cook it low and slow, what happens? Will you do a trimmed/not trimmed cook comparison?

  2. herbiesnerd
    herbiesnerd says:

    I have an electric thermometer that I attached to the grill. I brought the temp up to 300°F then calibrated the two lid thermometers to the same temp. So now when I bbq, I know the two gauges are reading what the temperature is where the meat is.

    No need to drill a hole and install another thermometer.

  3. Colton Hartleib
    Colton Hartleib says:

    First 43 seconds is why I love this guy. Simple offset smoker with no fancy electronics or built in fans and all that crap. The way it should be!!! I live around a lot of people that own pellet grills and Traegers. To me that’s not BBQ that those produce, no heart or skill goes into it. BBQ isn’t set it and forget it!!! BBQ takes time and trail and error.

  4. lowroar
    lowroar says:

    Hello Franklin, i'm gonna smoke two turkeys for thanks giving. Do you think the offset is ok or should i get an upright ?… Just bought an offset (Original Luling)

  5. phillyfan511
    phillyfan511 says:

    Just for anyone still wondering what specific smoker this is, it is the Old Country Wrangler, which is not in production anymore. Originally Old Country BBQ Pits had the Wrangler, the Pecos, and the Brazos. The Wrangler was a smaller cooker made with 1/4 inch steel, but it has been replaced in all Academy stores by the "Wrangler II" which is the same design but with much thinner steel. The Pecos and Brazos are both the exact same size but the Brazos is the only Old Country Pit made with 1/4 inch steel now. If you check out a Pecos and Brazos in an Academy side by side you can tell the huge weight difference in the two. I have the Brazos, and while the build quality is certainly not in the same league of a Lang, Klose, Lonestargrillz, or Shirley Fabrication, it is a $1000 cooker with 1/4 inch steel and it has a wide diameter smoke stack positioned at grate level. Those two things alone make it a great buy and I have put out some great barbecue on mine. I have loved owning it. There isn't another all-welded 1/4 inch steel offset in that price range that I know of.


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