BBQ with Franklin: The Cook

Your brisket is trimmed, seasoned and the fire is ready to go. Now what? Pull up a chair and let Professor Franklin take you to class and learn about fire management, optimal cooking temperature, wrapping, and why you should beware of the stall.

“Greenville Girl”
Vox/Bass – Solid Gold Makowski
Drums/ Rusty ole’ Milkcan – Kory Cook
Bari Sax/Barnyard Skronk – Thad Scott
Guitar/Dobro/Barnyard Skronk – Big Jeff
Recorded/mixed by Dale X Allen
Licorice Tree Records, 2008


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  1. Keep1t Real
    Keep1t Real says:

    Been going to salt lick and Aaron’s over the years. Salt lick is not what it use to be. Everyone keeps saying go to salt lick. It’s not what is use to be it’s really gone down. Aaron’s has been really good

  2. Eric Wiese
    Eric Wiese says:

    I want to thank you so much for tips! I was apprehensive about smoking a brisket and it was a success thanks to you bud! Im not sure if you will see this but thank you for helping instill some confidence in my abilities!

  3. Al Gray
    Al Gray says:

    I cooked a brisket today. Followed Franklin's super secret season recipe (salt/pepper) at an hour to an hour 15 per pound. Perfect. I watched his video comparing foil, butcher paper, and nothing. I used the butcher paper and it came out perfect.

  4. Richard Coble
    Richard Coble says:

    Franklin, I know this is an older video, but, I tried cooking a 10 lbs brisket in an electric smoker / cooker. Kept the temp solid at 250 and the internal temp reach 200 degrees in six hours and I had a tough brisket. What did I do wrong? Should I not pay attention so much to meat temp vs time?
    Anyone can comment. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dustin Thiessen
    Dustin Thiessen says:

    looking to smoke my first brisket this weekend, any advice for using a pellet grill? should I go fat side down, as the heat is underneath? should I put a temp probe in the brisket as it cooks, or should I just go by feel/time?

  6. RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach2 says:

    You taught me something new. I did not know about "the stall" prior to this video. I'm interested in understanding it better. I'm guessing length of the stall depends on the the weight of the brisket and cooking temperature? If that's the case, hypothetically, let's say I'm smoking a 15 lb brisket at 250 degrees with a water pan in the smoker. Roughly how long would you estimate the stall to take? What if the same brisket is cooking at 275 degrees?

  7. Sébastien Gagné
    Sébastien Gagné says:

    Hi, i'm new to the world of smoker and i'm using a pellet smoker Treager pro elite 780 (i kno i'm cheating) but i'm new… i want to try my first brisket. Should i use a bowl of water with my treager ?

  8. Ron Pleake
    Ron Pleake says:

    Everything you said is absolutely true. It took me years to figure it out before YouTube. Thank you. I also keep the smoker between 180° and 200° and don't touch it until my brain is screaming.

  9. Frozenwinter84
    Frozenwinter84 says:

    Love seeing a master like Franklin doing a cook on a home style smoker. Makes it easier to see how to bbq for those of us without huge commercial smokers. Keep it up! One of these days I'll make it down to Franklin's


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