BBQ with Franklin: The Brisket


FULL EPISODE! Aaron dives even deeper in the world of Brisket. Watch Now! –

In this first episode of BBQ with Franklin we go straight to the important stuff: the meat. Find out what you should look for when choosing a brisket to smoke, how it should be trimmed and Aaron reveals his age old recipe for seasoning.

“Greenville Girl”
Vox/Bass – Solid Gold Makowski
Drums/ Rusty ole’ Milkcan – Kory Cook
Bari Sax/Barnyard Skronk – Thad Scott
Guitar/Dobro/Barnyard Skronk – Big Jeff
Recorded/mixed by Dale X Allen
Licorice Tree Records, 2008

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27 replies
  1. Lee Thurston
    Lee Thurston says:

    Great video, but what makes the difference of the fats, to me they all looked the same.

  2. Joshua Fernandez
    Joshua Fernandez says:

    I almost shed a tear watching this guy toss all that tasty fat to the thrash what a waste of fat he could have use it for a bone broth or just render it for frying …no hating i actually enjoy his video and sub

  3. Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie says:

    ??? Hello Franklin I'am from la France in Europe, and I loved this video! I have make a video with French BBq with vine yards branches ? do you know that way of doing ?
    Best regards from a frenchie channel in vine yard region ???

  4. Victor Mendoza
    Victor Mendoza says:

    He said he took off the burnt ends part cause it would burn lmfao no shit. Sherlock it’s called burnt ends

  5. AlphaDawg
    AlphaDawg says:

    Man im a 40 year old man just had my birthday and wanted to go get in your line as a birthday trip, but wife was ot so keen hahaha…. I have always loved bbq and lately really got into doing my own barbecue… Mr. Franklin you seem like a cool dude and from one Texan to another congrats on your success..I would love to taste your barbecue one day… If you ever need a friend from South Texas to have a beer with and eat some barbecue let me know hahaha

  6. Joséphine Kérézit
    Joséphine Kérézit says:

    I surely hope you did NOT throw away all the beautiful fat you trimmed off. Considering ALL the cost that is involved in generating this amount of fat, both life and money wise ??

  7. Denny Tidwell
    Denny Tidwell says:

    I've smoked only two briskets for "neighbors". Corned beef. Terrible. Tasted like mushy HAM.

  8. LauraNY
    LauraNY says:

    I was planing move to Dallas I guess now I'm moving to Austin ???

  9. WeLoveGoProHD
    WeLoveGoProHD says:

    I live up north, I only ever do pork shoulders and ribs, but when I attempt a brisket, I am using Texas style 100%.

  10. The One
    The One says:

    If he wants to elevate the taste of this – don’t use petrified salt, use pink Himalayan salt.

  11. cpi23
    cpi23 says:

    my advice would be "learn to edit". This video could have been 5 min long and not lost anything


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