BBQ with Franklin: Thanksgiving part 3


How to tell when your turkey is finished plus make a beautiful gravy with smoked butter.

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  1. razor world
    razor world says:

    Thank You for the best videos, Aaron has been a life saver for my fort worth Ribs/briskets/pork butts smoker  ….family showoff/cookouts…. and now you show …Stacey and her green bean/potatoes sides, wow     again thank you both for sharing .Glenn & Molly

  2. Metal Rott
    Metal Rott says:

    This guy impresses the heck out of me, He makes millions a year from just his Restaurant and he lives so humble like. No mansion, no extravagant over the top kitchen wares, simple simple simple life style. Very cool guy!

  3. Doug6714
    Doug6714 says:

    I enjoyed all three videos, I forgot to hit the thumbs up on the first two. The meal looks delicious. I expecially like the way the turkey turned out. Keep smoking!

  4. IIIrandomIII
    IIIrandomIII says:

    The engine needs a better gasket….
    there’s also a leak with the vanos system. Quite common in pre-96 models.

    Other than that, what a fantastic balloon animal! The fungus will surely toast up nicely by the fall. Damn tuna farmers!

  5. M Ouija
    M Ouija says:

    I can't imagine how good Thanksgiving dinner must be at the Franklin house. That turkey looks incredible, the gravy must be incredibly flavorful and rich, and I think I'd take a double helping of those green beans and peppers.

  6. Brian Kendalll
    Brian Kendalll says:

    I never cooked a turkey before today. I bought an 11lb fresh turkey from Costco. I followed Franklin’s instructions as closely as possible using my Oklahoma Joe offset smoker. I added a little more flavor to the rub and stuffed the cavity with an onion and an orange. Juiciest turkey I have ever had. The breast meat was super tender with just enough mesquite smoke flavor. The dark meat was melty. Thanks Franklin! Family was amazed.

  7. PlatinumLawnServices
    PlatinumLawnServices says:

    equal amounts flour and fat= roux….my favorite thing…been a chef for 15 years but just getting into the bbq world. Bought a big rotisserie smoker trailer and hoping to do some catering. Love your videos and also have your book


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