BBQ with Franklin: Makin' Sausage

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Ever wanted to make your own sausage at home? Learn how Aaron Franklin makes sausage at home in this step by step video

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  1. airsofter2247
    airsofter2247 says:

    I know someone with some scales like that, doesnt use them for making sausage though..

  2. Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan says:

    In your book you indicate 3% beef heart. Beef heart is not available. What's the alternative?

  3. Rick Ross
    Rick Ross says:

    "ever wanted to make your own sausage at home?" Sucks to be you! You won't learn it here the amounts of the ingredients shall remain a mystery

  4. tripack Onetooth
    tripack Onetooth says:

    I honestly prefer to encase my sausages with a sausage maker. Using the meat processor to encase them directly often makes the fat emulsifying and after the first 2-3 sausages, you end up with whitish unappetizing sausages…

  5. Vektorer
    Vektorer says:

    Some food for thought: Many do not know that pork casings should be cleaned prior to use. I have always cleaned my pork casings, inside & out. In a bowl the size of your green Pyrex, I fill half with cold water and the casings, then massage out ALL of the salt. Usually repeat twice. Then, from a faucet, I run about a quart of cold water thru the casing. The now ready-to-use cleaned casing goes into a bowl of fresh cold water til needed.

  6. George Konop
    George Konop says:

    Your videos have been very informative and have me wanting to try other things when smoking now. Question about the sausage. Mostly everything I've been reading says make sure you use a cure when smoking sausage or bad things may happen but you don't. Any reason for or against using a cure and should you use one to be on the safe side?

  7. Rob C
    Rob C says:

    lol, I was like 'let's watch this American dude making a sausage, sure it can be like ours', then he pulls out the Hungarian paprika haha. Respect, Sir!

  8. Greg G
    Greg G says:

    Favorite part he uses the scale to get exact amounts then spill some out while he is mixing up in the bowl.

  9. Tonio Yendis
    Tonio Yendis says:

    Stop asking for exact measurements! He's not going to give y’all his patented recipe! You think he's stupid?

  10. Aaron Kerr
    Aaron Kerr says:

    Stop fucking calling unmodified salt kosher salt! It's fucking salt! Shut the fuck up retardation! you

  11. Kello N.O.G
    Kello N.O.G says:

    ''wetting the tube, you gotta spend some time getting it on there'' okaaay thanks i got it

  12. Scott Duyser
    Scott Duyser says:

    A true artist. The best BBQ I ever had at Franklin. There was so much going on in the combo I had. wish we had had something even close up here in the north.


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