BBQ with Franklin: Fig Sauce


Searching for a new sauce? Try Aaron’s fig sauce recipe year-round, and if your kitchen is well-stocked, you’ll only need to buy the figs!

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  1. wolfman011000
    wolfman011000 says:

    I used dried apricots and apricot preserves with a tablespoon of korean chilli flakes and teaspoon of fine ground black pepper, it worked real nice with pulled pork. Thanks for the videos they have encouraged me to try bbq'ing, take care God bless.

  2. Adam Churvis
    Adam Churvis says:

    Aaron, assuming this is a sauce for after the meat is cooked rather than while it is on heat, next time you may want to try whisking in a touch of Armagnac after the sauce is taken off flame. Also, if you have one of the "Modena-esque" balsamic vinegars that claim to be traditional Modena Balsamico (but you know full well it isn't because it's only $25 for a 750ml bottle) and actually have good flavor and texture kinda-sorta approaching the real thing, you may want to try substituting it for some of the apple cider vinegar. I think you'll find the results impressive.

  3. James K
    James K says:

    Hi AARON, Just received you book "Franklin Barbecue A Meat-Smoking Manifesto" and I think its awesome.  I have a question about the regular barbecue sauce.  It calls for 1/4 Tablespoons plus 1 1/2 teaspoons of  brown sugar.  Is this an error, was it suppose to be 4 Tablespoons of brown sugar?

  4. OneEyedJack01
    OneEyedJack01 says:

    Looks interesting. I'll try this. Got a feeling I'll be adding some cayenne, ancho, or chipotle to spice it up a bit. Just a personal preference, but it looks like it could use some heat.

  5. Soul Schizm
    Soul Schizm says:

    Don't ever stop making these videos, its not the information of the videos which i do plan to use that keeps me watching its Aaron. He is fun to watch and listen to and seems like a genius when it comes to BBQ. 

  6. Rick Nygren
    Rick Nygren says:

    I watched The Chef on Netflix the other nite. What a cast! The real performance was when Franklin opened the barbeque cover and there were those beautiful briskets! They were so incredible it brought tears to my eyes. An Oscar nomination for sure! (The briskets, not Aaron.)

  7. HuNNTaaaa
    HuNNTaaaa says:

    I always enjoy watching your Videos Franklin, I continuously hear good things about your BBQ! Your going to be my first stop If i ever get around to travelling to Texas! Much Love from Toronto, Canada!


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