BBQ with Franklin: Beef Ribs


Y’all ready to learn how Aaron Franklin makes beef ribs? Join KLRU and Aaron to learn step by step.

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  1. Alex Scott
    Alex Scott says:

    Cooking ribs:Start the fire,season the ribs,place on grill… then mow the lawn,have a beer,clean the pool,bang your wife,take a nap,fix the gate… and then come back and check on those ribs…and repeat.

  2. Moe Green
    Moe Green says:

    Who the hell is that patient with cooking.. 7.5 hrs just for ribs.. not even a briskett or prime rib.. waste of time.. season with blk pepper and salt use pressure cooker 1hr take out baste with a lil olive oil or butter then whatever rub you use grille or oven for 15 min each side on 375° wrapped in foil.. take off foil and char for 3-5minutes voila.. tender fall off the bone..

  3. Gbiota One
    Gbiota One says:

    Does no one produce large grain salt that isnt blessed by a rabbi? I'm really not sure why every bbq guy always emphasizes that the tribe is down with their sodium chloride.

  4. Charles L Jones
    Charles L Jones says:

    I usually give them 3 to 3 and a half hours of smoke then wrap them in foil and oven them for 2 to 2and a half hours then rest them for half an hour. Cooking them is time consuming but they taste great and you never need sauce.


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