BBQ Shrimp – Bacon Wrapped Grilled Shrimp Recipe


The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make a Meal for Two in 30 minutes. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Shrimp with Spicy Orange Glaze

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32 replies
  1. CU Tiger
    CU Tiger says:

    Do you burn/smoke any hardwood chunk with shrimp? Or just lump?

    GRUBDUDE says:

    That basting sauce is IT, dude. But, I have some math questions/observations for you… I can see 2 halves of squash and 2 halves of zucchini – so that is one each (dinner for two, right?) But now, I see 5 skewers of shrimp. So, that's hmm, 1, 2…. each, but then there is another left over! Who does that go to? 😀

  3. Bad Beast Barbecue
    Bad Beast Barbecue says:

    Man Larry, you got my mouth watering. Great looking meal….have you tried that spicy orange glaze on anything else?

  4. 29render
    29render says:

    I literally just hit pause and checked my bank account to see if I could stop and get the shrimp…true story!  Freaking amazing!

  5. Tracey's World
    Tracey's World says:

    Larry I saw beer can burgers by bbq pit I think the was their name anyway after you shape the burger pull the can out and stuff it they had meat on meat and onions! Your mind is great what combination would you put together inside the burger! Is that regular slice bacon or thin cut? Thanks! They have a YouTube channel

  6. michael landry
    michael landry says:

    that looks awesome Larry! at first I thought that was pineapple on the plate, which would be great too. but zucchini is good too.

  7. Joe Bucci
    Joe Bucci says:

    TWP, this might be the best "bacon wrap anything" video so far on the tube..
    The spicy orange glaze and shrimp is what caught my attention,

  8. Cornelius Sneed
    Cornelius Sneed says:

    Looks great, Larry, and I think that marmalade/sriracha idea is brilliant. It sounded a little weird to me at first, but then I thought about it a bit and realized the flavor profiles would go together very well.

  9. Lumpy Q
    Lumpy Q says:

    That is a winner in my book, I love the Glaze. I like doing Squash like that too. Excellent Meal Larry!!

  10. BigPolarJer BBQ
    BigPolarJer BBQ says:

    Awesome recipe, i'am going to add this one to my arsenal and will be trying it soon. Nice presentation too!

  11. Joanna Tusa
    Joanna Tusa says:

    I love Your videos!!! Can You make something from polish kitchen? Pierogies maybe? Just wondering ?

  12. crawdadb52
    crawdadb52 says:

    Bubba must of missed this shrimp dish when he was telling Forrest the many different ways shrimp is used!   lol

  13. TosTinMan
    TosTinMan says:

    Looks great Larry! 30 minute meals. Are you going to be teaming up with Rachael Ray soon? 🙂


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