BBQ Pit-Masters of youtube Season 2 Round 3 – Pork Sandwich

I’m competing in the BBQ Pit-masters of YouTube competition and this cook will be a pork sandwich. My opponent is @805 BBQ JUNKIE

Please be sure to head over to @Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ on July 31st at 8 a.m. central to vote for your favorite video. There are 5 great channels left in this comp so head over to Joe’s on the 31st to check out all the great cooks and vote for your favorite videos. Winners will go on to the final but the losers go home. You can vote in the link below…

This round will feature the two matches below…

@Trumpetmaster77 VS @805 BBQ JUNKIE

@Salt Pepper & Fire VS @TRIPLE B’s BBQ

@Ric’s BBQ & Specialties advanced to the finals and does not have to cook this round
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  1. nothinbut love
    nothinbut love says:

    Wow This one is gonna be tough….I loved your video & of course the trumpets playing throughout! but the best part was how creative you are …that looked so damn tastey…lol i'm craving one of your sandwiches now!!! Good Luck Trumpetmaster77

  2. Britt's BackYard BBQ n Grill
    Britt's BackYard BBQ n Grill says:

    WHAT WAS THAT????? WOW,, There was a BBQ place around me that made it's living selling nothing but rib sandwich's so I knew what was coming with the rack. Bacon any way👍👍 Did you 2 get together to see who could use the most ingredients. We make Fried Cornbread pancakes and top with BBQ so I'm down with the cornbread. Real nice cook.

  3. Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka says:

    I like how that cornbread turned out. All that pork goodness inside. Those cheese crisps are a nice touch. The peppers, onions and avocado add a nice flavour contrast. Looks so good. Best wishes in this competition. Cheers! 👍👍✌️

  4. Mile High Guy BBQ
    Mile High Guy BBQ says:

    I was wondering where this was going when you brought out the 3 different choices of pork. I have to say that blending those meats together was a great idea and I'm sure so flavorful! I'm not a cornbread fan but that's ok, that's just me and I've been told I'm weird for not liking cornbread lol. I would have used regular bread in my case – dinner rolls for sliders??? Awesome job as always and you gave Jorge a run for his money my friend.

  5. Fire 'n Steel BBQ
    Fire 'n Steel BBQ says:

    You had my guessing the entire time man, i really thought we was going to see a McRib appearance for a little while. Had no clue what this was going to end up like till the end.

    Awesome job and creativity!

  6. Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ says:

    Wow Luis, 3 different pork cuts and homemade cornbread, brilliant! I also love all the toppings on the sandwich, a perfect blend of all the taste buds, like a food symphony! Killer job brother! 🍻👍


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