BBQ Pit Boys Fireball Meatballs "The Beginning"


A big shout -out and thanks to all our Chapters and Pitmasters for participating in the 1st Annual Worldwide Fireball Meatball Day. Special thanks go out to Chris, Craig, and Denise for getting it started..! Here’s a video clip on how we came up with the Fireball Meatball recipe. Thanks to Chuck Norris for stoppin’ by the Pit..!.

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  1. Austin Brown
    Austin Brown says:

    The first time an event is held, it is called the inaugural NOT the first annual. Journalists never use the term first annual because 1) an inaugural event has never been held annually, and 2) it is logically confusing because the first annual could actually mean the second time the event is held (i.e, the first time the event has gone annual, after 1 year).


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