BBQ Chicken Breast with Vodka Barbecue Sauce Recipe


This is a boneless Chicken Breast recipe that we really like here at the Pit. It’s easy to grill, real tender, moist and tasty using our home-made Vodka Barbecue Sauce! Friends of the BBQ Pit Boys, ya gotta try this one!

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at http://www.BBQPit

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  1. jhiller21
    jhiller21 says:

    "can you smell that?

    …smells goood!"

    it's in every video.

    These videos are great because the guy is hilarious and the grilling tips are helpful as hell. This kinda show should be on the so-called "food network" I would watch it every day.

  2. BBQ Pit Boys
    BBQ Pit Boys says:

    hey evilkate666, you're right, the knife in this one is a carbon steel Old Hickory made in the early 1900's. And better yet, you can still buy this original American made Old Hickory butcher. Google search it! -BBQ Pit Boys


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