BBQ Beef Meat Pies – Homemade Hot Pockets



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  1. haris541
    haris541 says:

    haha dont kill me you where so happy how there came out it sounded like you were going to cry,
    keep up the good cooking ima makes this for luch and happy new year wolf!

  2. rhijulbec1
    rhijulbec1 says:

    Omigawd they look good! And I've never tried hot pockets.
    whispers what are hot pockets? Are they those pizza thingys? lol Sorry for not being more succinct but really am not sure what they are.

  3. Dennis Dowd
    Dennis Dowd says:

    These looked wonderful. Sad I can't eat anything like this. I would have used real onions and garlic, and then used my pressure cooker. Those looked so damn good, I almost died watching you. I might have rolled out the dough to get it a little thinner, but gee, I mean, yum looking. Well in another lifetime I might be able to eat these but thanks for the video, because had a lot of fun watching you cook and your technique. I surely learned some things! The thing I like about your videos one can make the food that normally people buy frozen. I always cook at home because of my diet needs, but gee it really is simple to do and taste so much better. Take care!

  4. seanviv2
    seanviv2 says:

    Wow this looks so good I would never think to use biscuits now I'm going to make this on the weekend that bbq looks so tender and juicy the cheese kicks it up a notch I'm on my way to watch the other video..
    By the way my name is Shawn? Lol
    I use the other seanviv2 spelling for YouTube only.

  5. lvceline
    lvceline says:

    Just to let everyone know, I made these tonight and they are so easy and taste soooooo good! I just used ground chicken instead of beef, but still so delicious!

  6. lvceline
    lvceline says:

    What a great idea for the crust! These look great. I wonder if puff pastry or those pre-made pie crusts would work as well. These look awesome though, great job!

    T-ROY COOKS says:

    Yeah, that's the ticket! Me and Moonshine do swap ideas around and try to keep cooking fun. Wish I had me some of his Moonshine his boss gave him. I hear it is Cherry flavored. You'll see a close up of it on his Chorizo video just uploaded.


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