Batter Fried Bacon BLT | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Batter Fried Bacon BLT | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

The traditional BLT just got transformed into a magnificent culinary extravaganza, BBQ Pit Boys style, battered, deep fried then dusted with our new Pork Privilege seasoning. We’re eaten’ good tonight Martha.
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37 replies
  1. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    Back in Texas we call it as the "chicken fried bacon". Usually as a separate sides. Never thought would include it in a burger. Y'all always take it up to the next level. BPB4L!! 👍👍👍👍

  2. bt curry
    bt curry says:

    While I'm gonna cook it looks delicious, it's not like memories of your 1st time falling for a woman. It's a sandwich… Have I missed something? Just saying

  3. Граф Воронцов
    Граф Воронцов says:

    О господи! Я это обязательно повторю на даче! На моём грилле из газового баллона, запивая неприличным количеством пива!


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