Barbeque Spare Ribs Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Using a standard barbecue grill, you can easily “low and slow” 12lbs of delicious, moist and tender Standing Spare Ribs with these simple BBQ Pit Boys tips.

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  1. jtlbb2
    jtlbb2 says:

    Ah, but some good news. Weber does make a non-ignition version of the Performer, model "1411001". Check it out on Amazon, it costs $279.00 on Amazon as of this posting, which is $50 less than the gas-ignition model. So now if your "performer" ever craps out on you, then you know where to get a replacement 🙂

  2. RemnantsOfBeauty
    RemnantsOfBeauty says:

    how do you keep the heat for 3-4 hourS? whenever i have a bbq the charcoal only lasts 1/2 hours max and then its all done and cool. Help? Also.. where can i buy a bbq similar to the one you have with the cutting board area. Thanks

  3. rikray1
    rikray1 says:

    @Airborne80 Hi Airborne…I saw your question here and I have done a few of their rib recipes on my gas grill. I have a three burner grill and I put the left side and center grills on ( I alternate the center grill on/low/off depending on the temp) and, of course I put the food over the right side grill area which is not lit. Following all other directions here, the ribs come out great!!! Hope this helps.

  4. Airborne80
    Airborne80 says:

    Man….. you kick ass on the BBQ brother! Monday, I have surgery to repair my elbow (long story haha) but I will use my recovery time to watch every one of your videos. I LOVE to BBQ and smoke meats but am only now (at 47) starting to get good at it. Youtube is so awesome and finding you here is a real treat. Thank you!

  5. BBQ Pit Boys
    BBQ Pit Boys says:

    bradyischamp, it's an old weber table model which they no longer make, unless you get the perfomer model with the self-lighting charcoal option. (lame -what were you thinking, weber?) -BBQ Pit Boys


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