Barbecue Smoked Meatloaf


Chef Tom is back with this amazing Barbecue Smoked Meatloaf recipe.

Full Recipe:

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  1. Jay Davis
    Jay Davis says:

    Hey Tom, just wanted to give you some feedback on this. I made it last night and man that was good ? and you were right. That Plowboys bean buddy was totally awesome….. I bet that would be great in baked beans ?. Going to be trying some of your burgers next and then I want to try your other meatloaf. Tom, just keep on doing what your doing. Your skills and talent are top notch ???. Love the tasteful goodies that I’ve bought so far from you. Can’t wait to try more.

  2. Steve Bikes
    Steve Bikes says:

    User Review: We made this for dinner tonight, and I thought I'd give my impressions. We couldn't find the Plowboys Bean Buddy locally, so we ordered a couple of jars from ATBBQ. Sampling it straight from the jar, it has a great flavor and texture. We followed the recipe pretty closely. We used 1.3 pounds of 80% beef and 0.7 pounds of pork sausage. Total cooking time on my Yoder 480'was right around 1.5 hours. The results were fantastic. We had four people eating, and everyone loved it. Nice and juicy inside and a great glaze on top. With some self restraint, we have a good amount of leftovers. This would be easy to double if you're feeding a larger crowd. Delicious dish. Minimal prep time. Free time to work on sides or visit with guests while it's smoking. I'd give it 5 out of 5 flames.

  3. Eric Brunius
    Eric Brunius says:

    Love me some smoked meatloaf! I have found frog mats to be a good way to put them on and take them off the grill. I’ll throw just about anything into my mix (no rules with meatloaf), but what cooked today wasn’t far from yours. Great job, you’re truly inspiring

  4. Steven O'Dell
    Steven O'Dell says:

    Just made this tonight with a few modifications. Wow! Great recipe! Thanks ATBBQ and Chef Tom!! Definitely making this agin. In case anyone wants to try this without the sauce used in the video, I used sweet baby rays when forming the loaf and made a ketchup, brown sugar and worcestershire sauce for glaze. Also, it adds quite a bit of time on the cook if you prep the loaf and put it in the fridge before getting the grill ready.


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