Barbecue Paella – A Delicious Twist On A Classic Dish

Barbecue Paella – A Delicious Twist On A Classic Dish

Barbecue Paella // Paella is a dish that was traditionally cooked over an open fire by Spanish farmers with rice, plus whatever was hanging around. Chef Tom takes some creative freedom and shows us his take on a Barbecue Paella on the Yoder Smokers Adjustable Charcoal Grill. Made with some leftover brisket and burnt ends, and salmon as well as several other meats. Chef Tom also shows us how he gets a crunchy socarrat on the rice on the bottom. Dig in! This dish leaves nothing out and it all comes together to create a true one pan crowd pleaser.

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 Lighting The Charcoal
00:51 Warming The Chicken Stock
01:23 Preparing The Chicken
02:07 Knife Work – Vegetables
02:50 Preparing The Grill
03:07 Chicken Stock, Corn & Chicken On The Grill
03:59 Ingredients Fly-by
04:39 Knife Work – Corn & Sausage
04:59 Remove Chicken
05:10 Browning Sausage
05:36 Adding Vegetables
06:14 Adding Chicken
06:25 Adding Burnt Ends & Brisket
07:06 Adding Tomatoes
07:31 Adding Beer
07:51 Adding Rice
08:26 Adding Stock And Reducing
09:16 Prepping Seafood
09:36 Developing Socarrat
09:51 Adding Shrimp
10:20 Adding Grilled Corn & Salmon
10:42 Testing Socarrat (Crunchy Rice On Bottom)
11:02 Adding A Bit More Flavor
11:13 The Big Bite!
12:24 A Heartfelt Apology, But Try This!
12:35 Like & Subscribe

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34 replies
  1. Chris Henningsen
    Chris Henningsen says:

    Do you worry about the chicken stock pulling the seasoning out of the pot? I tried making a soup once in my Dutch oven, and I didn't boil it, but it pulled every bit of the seasoning out of my cast iron!

  2. DonPandemoniac
    DonPandemoniac says:

    You'll might have some purists storming the gates, but I can really appreciate this kind of experimentation. Where would we be in the culinary field if everyone just kept their regional and traditional recipes and tricks to themselves?


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