Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker for this Barbecue Chicken Sandwich, featuring a whole spatchcock bird and scratch-made Blue Cheese Slaw! SHOP FEATURED PRODUCTS HERE:

Full recipe:

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  1. MouthfulOfSpiders
    MouthfulOfSpiders says:

    YESSSS!!!!! LOTS and LOTS more videos with the offset stick burner, please!!! Automatic pellet grills are basically just outdoor ovens, set it and forget it….. that ain't grillin man!!! Goin out every 45 minutes to stoke and tend to the fire, add your logs, shovel out ash, adjust your heat vents…. THAT shit man…. that's where it's at. You are more in tune with the process, and because of this, it yields a better product.

  2. Dave Pruett
    Dave Pruett says:

    I've smoked about a zillion chickens in my life (the Yardbird Rub is a favorite) and I hope to smoke a zillion more before a die, but that blue cheese slaw was a light bulb moment. That will be on my next BBQed chicken sandwich! Thank you.

  3. Chris Droblyn
    Chris Droblyn says:

    Hey Chef Tom, unless you were looking for a great contrast, BTW, looks super excellent and I'm planning making this, why not complement the chicken by smoking the carrots or slaw for 15 to 20 minutes to add to the incorporation of flavors between the two? Love your channel!

  4. Harry Langdon
    Harry Langdon says:

    Its about time you did a cook on a stick burner! Being completely honest much as I love your recipes etc, If this was Another pellet smoke, I was literally going to unsub and move on. Thank You!!!!


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