Banquet Frozen Spaghetti & Meatballs Dinner – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


Banquet Frozen Spaghetti & Meatballs Dinner – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


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46 replies
  1. Boognish2784
    Boognish2784 says:

    I appreciate your videos, but can you edit them so that the food you show the camera is focused (so we don't have to wait until it focuses…) I get cross eyed almost every time waiting for it to stop being blurry!
    Yes. These are minor complaints about a pet peeve. I still love you.

  2. Eric Dee
    Eric Dee says:

    Hey everyone, Larry is back👍. This is an off subject request but, I think the idea will soar to great heights. how bout you do a toilet paper review?🧻💩.

  3. Jimmy Turner
    Jimmy Turner says:

    I eat banquet meals all the time. Usually at like 1130 after I had a few to many and dont remember eating it till I see the box in the pre recycle bin spot on the kitchen counter.

  4. Takira 1417
    Takira 1417 says:

    My husband makes me do a whole routine to there first poke 5 holes, cook for 5 mins, cook 2mins, chop meatballs very finely as ground meat, add hot sauce, salt n pepper he loves these lol I can’t eat things like this vegetarian/vegan lifestyle however I like these videos

  5. dadoctah
    dadoctah says:

    A little surprised you didn't comment on the "Allergens" part of the ingredients slide, with the entry "fish (anchovies)". I actually have put fish on my pasta (grilled tilapia is a great protein to have with fettuccinie!). Naturally, the anchovies are part and parcel of the washed-your-sister sauce you pointed out in the marinara.

  6. Leon Rigz
    Leon Rigz says:

    During these times . I love me some quick and easy spaghetti. I literally have two of these in my freezer. This just needs a little black pepper salt and kraft parmesan cheese. Mmmmm. For 1 buck and change . Shiiiiiiit ilm eat one or 3 a week

  7. Justin Krezelak
    Justin Krezelak says:

    If it said "Proudly made in the Ukraine" and only cost 30 cents I'd still trust it more than Banquet meals. Not that I haven't had plenty of them….. but they are the absolute epitome of ultra processed food to the point you have to question reality.


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