Bacon Jam Smash Burger | Chef Tom's South Beach Wine and Food Festival Recipe


Chef Tom cooks up his Bacon Jam Smash Burger… the recipe that he cooked at the 2018 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and Food Festival Recipe. Enjoy!

Full recipe:

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34 replies
  1. Bo M
    Bo M says:

    Recipe is great minus the apple cider vinegar in the bacon jam. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for vid though. It got me started on the right track. Liked!

  2. Jay Davis
    Jay Davis says:

    Wow! That looks totally awesome 👏🤪🤪. I will definitely try that. I’m doing one of your meatloafs tomorrow as the rest of the goodies I’ve ordered from you came today, we can’t wait 🤪🤪

  3. ChefGod Gaming
    ChefGod Gaming says:

    I've been cooking for over 17 years and I have my favorite chefs I learn from to stay sharp… But brother you have the most straight to the point yet informative crisp clean professional videos I have ever seen… You could EASILY turn this into a educational program for profit… If I had 4 thumbs… They would all be up… Now I have to find your location and come see you. Excellent bro. Makes me want to get up and cook right now. Much love from Orlando Florida

  4. LeRoy W. Lee
    LeRoy W. Lee says:

    Love the FUN & CREATIVE names these producers come up with for their rubs & sauces! Where do you get these from, what is your FAVORITE overall, top-drawer MILD, mild rub and sauce? Also, do you have a great recipe for simple, delicious, moist meatballs? Been looking. One more thing: your favorite, simple red sauce recipe that can be used for anything red sauce or "gravy" is called for. A link maybe? Thanks, LeRoy


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