Bacon Cheeseburger IN A CAN – WHY?? – WHAT ARE WE EATING???


Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger in a Can! WHY?? WHAT ARE WE EATING??

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  1. DVL Exotics
    DVL Exotics says:

    I've had a burger in a can (not this one) and it was awesome not dry or hard at all the burger was fully cooked. It had bacon and cheese no sauce the buns weren't bad not too soggy and the heating instructions say heat in can in boiling water this may be where mr wolfpit screwed up.

  2. Tina Moritz
    Tina Moritz says:

    Who the hell would want a cheese burger in a can, I think it's really stupid, I sure in the hell wouldn't a cheese burger in a can, next they will be putting cereal in a can if hasn't happened yet already

  3. John Kean
    John Kean says:

    What's wrong with you it looks great and its from Germany 🤔 also maybe a second in the micro? Further, if they didn't wrap it in paper you could just eat it straight out of the can. And did l say – it's from Germany! (But we're used to fried bread in lard in the UK so what do l know.) But l would eat it.

  4. Sylvia Young
    Sylvia Young says:

    OMG Larry you are funny as all get out! I adore your humor and adoring care for "We the people!" Ain't no body else that has our back like you do!! And hey…mama's hand are much prettier…sorry…JS! Love you guy's!!


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