Bacon Cheese Sausage Roll | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

The original Bacon Cheese Sausage Roll is a staple of the inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand. Driven by their lust for pork and beef, the male makes the arduous daily journey to a gas station to buy a sausage roll as part of a carefully balanced protein and fat based diet that has passed from generation to generation.
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  1. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    @BBQ Pit Boys, fellers very nice recipe job, what is everyone else having since I'm going to eat it all ?, lol, I am a PIG=HOG, lol, good fish sauce is not fishy just like adding a few anchovy fillets & lightly frying them til they dissolve,adds a lot of flavor no fish taste & for folks that use a good steak sauce/worstchesire there are anchovies in it, check the ingredients, A1, Lea & Perrin, good steak house brands house sauce, etc…. might be a good idea to let folks know in the video fellers


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