Bacon Bomb – How to Make Bacon Bombs on the BBQ Recipe


Bacon Bomb – How to Make Bacon Bombs on the BBQ. ***This was cooked on the Napoleon Charcoal Grill, take a look here – ****TO SEE OUR BBQ ACCESSORY GUIDE CLICK HERE:

In this Bacon Bomb Recipe video, we will teach you how to make Bacon Bombs on the BBQ. This Easy Bacon Bomb is one that is simple to do and doesn’t take a lot of prep time.

ITEMS USED – (Recipe Below)

Napoleon Kettle Grill –

Thermoworks Thermopen MK4 –

Wood Chunks –

Chimney Starter –

What you will need to make this Easy Bacon Bomb Recipe is:

1-2lbs of Ground Beef (1lb makes about 6 bacon bombs)
1-2 packs of bacon (2 strips per bacon bomb)
1 small onion – Diced
1 green pepper – Diced
1 cup diced mushrooms
Seasoning to taste (salt pepper garlic) for the beef.

Bacon Bomb Step #1
First to make these Bacon Bombs you will need to take the ground beef and add it to a mixing bowl where you will then add in your seasoning. Feel free to use your favourite bbq rub if you wish as your seasoning.

Bacon Bomb Step #2
Portion off your meat balls and begin to flatten them into thin hamburger type patties.

Bacon Bomb Step #3
Once Flattened, cup the beef into your hand and begin to fill the meat with whatever filling you desire. We used onion, green pepper and mushrooms. Cheese is always great to add in as well if you wish. Once stuff begin to carefully close it up until you have a stuffed meatball.

Bacon Bomb Step #4
Once you have your stuffed meatball, grab two slices of bacon and place down in an “X”. Place the stuffed meatball on the middle and begin to wrap the bacon around the stuffed meatball filling in all the holes.

Bacon Bomb Step #5
Once the bacon bombs are made, place them on the grill indirect for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. After 30 minutes apply your favourite bbq sauce and let cook another 15 minutes. After 15 minutes apply a second layer of bbq sauce and let cook again another 15 minutes. After around an hour, or an internal tempreture of 160 degrees your Bacon Bombs or Bacon Wrapped Meatballs are done!.


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Canon S120 (USA) (Canada)

Gorillapod (USA) (Canada)

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About this video:
In this Bacon Bomb Video, you will learn how to make Bacon Bombs on the BBQ. This Bacon Bomb Recipe or Bacon wrapped meatballs recipe is one that can be adapted and you can put in what ever filling you want into the middle of the bacon wrapped meatballs. Bacon Bombs are fun to make and taste delicious. We would recommend that you smoke your bacon bomb using your favourite hardwood.

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  1. Make it work !
    Make it work ! says:

    Was going to make bacon explosion log style today but I’m going to make these bombs instead, great idea, this way everybody can select their ingredients, can’t wait to try.
    I like your BBQ , could you share what kind if is couldn’t see a name.

  2. Brad Fuller
    Brad Fuller says:

    if you stuff with cheese it would have to be something that doesn't run like feta, parm or cream. otherwise it will end up in your catch pan…..just sayin. try a jalapeno mmmmmm bombs away 🙂


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