Bacon Beans Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

These BBQ Beans, loaded with big slices of Bacon, are ready to eat in only a couple of hours. The bacon, home-made rub and sauce, with sweet molasses and brown sugar, slow cooked in beans will get you some “good eatin'” smiles at your next barbeque. Just don’t tell ’em how you made ’em. That’s our secret! -BBQ Pit Boys

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at


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  1. The Darci 13
    The Darci 13 says:

    I love homemade baked beans with bacon. I use also a little mustard and a good bit of chopped vidallia onions in mine. I have also placed the bacon on top and let it cook with the beans baking sure is good. Also I use dark brown sugar. Sure looks good….

  2. Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw says:

    I bought the same exact pan from Sprawlmart for $19. I grew up in a house where mom (very Sicilian) wasn't big on frying much.

    The pan is one- if not the best- kitchen and pit investments that I have ever made. It is not just a frying pan, its a roasting pan and just about anything that you want it to be.

    While we are on it, (Bob)- how do you maintain your black-iron? Could you give me some pointers?

  3. Helmuth Baumeister
    Helmuth Baumeister says:

    Feijão muito bom!!!…na minha opinião faltou a cebola e o alho fritos junto com o BACON (Serviria de "tempero), eu faria mais uma porção de bacon frito ou assado (grelhado) para servir como acompanhamento com o queijo ralado. Parabéns pelo vídeo, ótima receita!!!!

  4. energizerwolf
    energizerwolf says:

    You just raped that great cast iron skillet with that double -great old hickory knife?(cutting bacon) What is yer last word?………….do it again and i will feed you ramen noodles! Yeeee-haaaaww!!!!

  5. BellyAcher151
    BellyAcher151 says:

    I want to thank you BBQ pit boys for all the Great recipies and tutorials. I have used many of your recipies and technique's for some awesome bbq!
    Even my picky wife thought they were Guuud!

    A REDTAIL says:

    @BarbecueWeb Smoky mountain knife works carries them in the 10 & the 14 ' size for around $15.00 + shp a great around the campfire utility knife, Just in case you cook's out there want to know where to get them. & they are 100% all carbon steel.

  7. TheDDAnderson
    TheDDAnderson says:

    Howdy Bob! i have made this 2 times now, and now i gonna make it tonight! well, but first, i wanna know what the song in the start is named, i really enjoy'd it when having the laptop outside listening while preforming!

    do you have more beans recipies?
    From David and Jindra, Norway!


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