Baby Back Bacon Ribs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Not happy with your high priced Baby Backs? Because they are a lot leaner than Spare Ribs, Loin Ribs (often called Baby Backs) can be difficult to keep moist and tender during a long low and slow. Try these easy to smoke on a grill BBQ Pit Boys Pork Ribs wrapped in a Web of thick cut Bacon for that perfect moist and tender rib every time. You can print this barbeque recipe and 100’s more at our Website


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  1. winddmmy
    winddmmy says:

    took a rack of spares out of the feezer today from price rite got a lb of bacon some apple wood gonna make some jack and coke beans with it have some drink and play with the cross bow happy vets day to my brothers!


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