Are Lunchable’s CRISPY Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Any GOOD?

Are Lunchable’s CRISPY Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Any GOOD?

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  1. @robvegas9354
    @robvegas9354 says:

    Grilled cheese is always a winner. Usually i put sliced tomatoes, onion and jalapenos in my grilled cheese now.
    I used to have 'Indiana jones and the last crusade' cups. They made every meal better. Cheers from Melbourne!

  2. @perry92964
    @perry92964 says:

    heres a video for you to do, make a grilled cheese with butter and another with mayonnaise and see which one tastes better or if there is no difference, im sure you could know a few cents of the cost with mayo

  3. @waltg5165
    @waltg5165 says:

    Sometimes I will toast 2 pieces of bread, lightly butter, throw on a slice or 2 of american cheese and nuke for a minute or so, might not be the best, but in a pinch, why not?

  4. @cantthinkofone6995
    @cantthinkofone6995 says:

    I remember when Lunchables first came out. My friend’s mom worked at a hospital as a nurse here in Atlanta and Oscar Meyer was selling or giving them away (I can’t remember which, it’s been so long) to the hospital staff and I just remember thinking how cool they were!

  5. @cantthinkofone6995
    @cantthinkofone6995 says:

    I love making mine with cheddar – traditional or white or a slice of each (!!) – a slice of ham, spread a little mayo on the inside of each slice of bread before grilling and it turns the cheese into ooey gooey goodness! Butter the outside, per usual. It’s amazing on a soft-grained bread, too. Actually, the above is quite literally life-changing! 😋

  6. @Blitzkreig1976
    @Blitzkreig1976 says:

    Love ya, Larry and family! I grew up in the Boston area, and I was brought up to eat fried bologna and cheese, spam, Campbell's chicken noodle, ritz crackers with peanut butter. ..I honestly miss those days. I'm a 76er, and inflation is crazy. My mom was a Betty Crocker and Campbells cookbook kinda lady. Unfortunately, she was also a TAB soda and Land O' Lakes margarine, and Marlboro's lady. She died of cancer at 53 in 2004. I like my butter from Ireland, and I eat better. But nothing beats nostalgia. I get my check-ups❤take care, sir!


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