Are Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Beef Wellington Bites Worth $7.00?

Are Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Beef Wellington Bites Worth $7.00?

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  1. @joelweidenfeld471
    @joelweidenfeld471 says:

    I got to tell you dude before you pass on to the next world from toxic residue accumulation,, Waayy back when I first saw your channel i immediately subscribed because I READ the NAME as What (WTF!!!) WHAT KIND OF GARBAGE ARE WE EATING!!! NOT , how tasty is what we are eating……all your processed stuff WITH things in them well beyond the lieing labels if the labels aren't bad enough is is at best suited FOR condiments ( which are classically convienent preserved flavour additions) and emergency food….To build a diet AROUND it , the American slave WORKER MASTER ruled CORPO fed farmed HUMAN diet is NOT ANYTHING to be proud of not does it represent anything but skavery and ABUSE

  2. @Erdie5
    @Erdie5 says:

    So much of our processed food is vegetable oils, gums and starches. It's just sad. Sure it tastes okay, it's just…blah.

    We had part of a gallon pail of ice cream after a kid's birthday party, didn't want it, left it out to thaw before throwing it out to keep the bucket. It turned into a bucket of foam. I had to stick my hand in it, unreal!

  3. @bethenecampbell6463
    @bethenecampbell6463 says:

    Thank you for doing tjese reviews for us, the people. I'm glad it wasn't a wholly negative experience. What I've learned is that, having tried one for myself and hearing your reviews, is that there is no way on God's green earth that I will pay $6 to $8 for any of these celebrity chef meals. If any of the cooks they've judged turned out food like this they would have been sent away crying. I'll stick with the stuff I know I like that costs half as much. And I'll cook a little more because you have provided quite a lot of inspiration on that front. Hope you are healing well. Keep up the good work!

  4. @ronaldyeater3322
    @ronaldyeater3322 says:

    Sup Larry, glad to see getting better, hope continue. I meant it when said I'd never try a frozen food item with a chef on the box, these companies cut corners. I'm surprised at how looked tho, and you said delicious. We the people trust you🫵.tyvm tc 🍔🥩🍲🌮🧆🥘🍻

  5. @yeahhoo86
    @yeahhoo86 says:

    I want to try these, I think maybe turning them over midway through the cooking process should help both sides crisp up. Even if the instructions don't say to do so why always flip things or or change the orientation of the pan if I'm cooking either the air fryer or oven. However that being said I too like to follow the cooking instructions the first time around and then make adjustments next time, although watching your videos has saved me the trouble on many occasions 😁


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