Are all wood pellets the same?

Are all wood pellets the same?

6 types of wood pellet fuel tested and compared. Burn time test between 6 brands of hardwood pellets. Does pellet brand make a difference? Does a more expensive bag of pellets burn longer/hotter? We did this test comparison of burn time, heat, remaining ash, price per bag, price per ton, packaging, etc. This comprehensive test (with spreadsheet data) was completed over a number of weeks, burning bags of wood pellets in our Harman P68 pellet stove in January in northwest Pennsylvania, with temperatures in the low teens (Fahrenheit). Our pellet stove is in a great room, 20×40 (800 sq ft) with 16-foot vaulted cathedral ceiling. It’s a large space to heat, and has 3 external walls, full of windows. #pelletstove #test #heat #woodpellets #purplecollarlife
We tested the following:
Green Supreme from Tractor Supply
Agway Premium Wood Pellets from Agway
EasyHeat from Rural King
GreenGold from Rural King
Hamer’s Hot Ones from Agway
Lignetics Premium Plus from Ace hardware
Here’s the video where we originally tested the burn time of a bag of wood pellets:
Here’s the video comparing wood stove with pellet stove (since we use both):
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We live in Northwestern PA and have around 70 Acres of Land, in the middle of family homestead land from more than 4 generations back. We have one daughter, one rescued Great Dane, and one cat. We enjoy working on our property and making improvements. We enjoy tractors, chainsaws, splitting firewood, rural living, and all purple collar life projects. Our day jobs are primarily white collar job, but our rural life is full of blue collar and purple collar activity. #purplecollarlife

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Published January 27, 2024
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0:00 Intro
0:36 – The test – 6 different brands of wood pellets for heating
1:15 – The elephant in the room
2:29 – Spreadsheet of test results
2:40 – Disclaimer
4:50 – the room we’re heating (20×40 with 16′ ceiling, 3 outside walls)
5:30 – the pellet stove we’re using and settings (Harman P68)
7:10 – Temperature gun
7:40 – What we’re testing – burn time, heat of stove, cost per bag, BTUs, cost per ton, temperature, ash, packaging
8:20 – Green Supreme pellets from Tractor Supply
10:10 – Agway Premium Hardwood Pellets (Agway)
11:24 – EasyHeat wood pellets – Rural King
12:30 – Greene Gold Premium Plus pellets – Rural King
14:08 – Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets – Agway
15:36 – Lignetics Premium Plus pellets – ACE hardware
17:05 – YMMV
17:20 – Prices of the bags of pellets – comparison
18:37 – Performance characteristics
19:20 – Which ones would I buy today? – 1 ton of wood pellets
21:00 – Which brand of pellets do you use? How much do they cost?
21:20 – The price of pellets has really increased in 10 years! Pellet inflation!!


9 replies
  1. @Stihl-Alive044-nc8op
    @Stihl-Alive044-nc8op says:

    You're lucky for the cheap pellet prices. 6.99 for Green Supreme and the one I liked the best for heat is Green Team 8.48 a bag at our Lowe's in Rhode Island. I stopped burning pellets when oil got cheap, now I burn a little firewood to help out, and someone always has firewood their giving away.

  2. @badgerlandturf
    @badgerlandturf says:

    Great comparison, we have toyed with adding a pellet stove for supplemental heat in our basement. The Bills/Chief game was the best of all the playoffs so far! It could have gone either way and these two QB’s will have many more faceoffs. 😊

  3. @andrewgee241
    @andrewgee241 says:

    Since the pellets are made from the byproduct of lumber milling, I wonder how consistent a brand's pellets are over time? If they are getting scrap wood the energy output might change depending on where they sourced the wood.


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