A Beginners Guide To Pellet Grills


A Beginners Guide To Pellet Grills

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41 replies
  1. Dead Broke BBQ
    Dead Broke BBQ says:

    Hot diggity dog Rus, this was so much fun making this video for your channel and I hope it does well for you!! Thank you for all the kind words and I hope all your viewers enjoy this one as much as I did making it!! Pellet grills IMO are the perfect cookers for beginners to get the feel for cooking up some epic backyard BBQ!! The learning curve is minimal and they are fun to operate!! Once some one gets the hang of rendering meat to probe tender it is really easy to step up their game and get into charcoal or wood cooking without all the frustrations that fire management can bring!! It was my pleasure to help you with this project and if any of you are reading this come on over to Dead Broke BBQ and check it out! I got more than just pellet grills and this year there will be some more live fire cooking pits adding to my backyard BBQ fun!! Have a great day and thanks for watching!!!

  2. Bill Khan
    Bill Khan says:

    I’ve had the Pit Boss shown in this video for two years. I’ve been reluctant to cook right over the opening. Can you close the vents above it and still cook?

  3. Darrell woolsey
    Darrell woolsey says:

    Great video just found your page. I've got 2 pellet grill/smokers. I love them so does my family. The wife and I both use them and even our 13 year old daughter cooks on them. She just loves it cooking on the smokers.

  4. Aaron Kopp
    Aaron Kopp says:

    Ha! Wish I had this video three months ago when I bought my pit boss. Left the cover closed. That fire box filled with pellets and when it took off, my wife took a video. Priceless!

  5. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Excellent video gents!!! Russ can’t wait to see that LSG Pellet Smoker in action…It’s definitely on my radar too, just want to see a video on them, even asked Chris if he would put a video out…Thanks!!! 👊👍🇺🇸

  6. Baby Back Maniac
    Baby Back Maniac says:

    Holy crap, Jeff! You spent some serious time editing that! Im seriously curious how much time you have in this! Great job, man.

    Rus, great idea bringing him in. He really did knock it out of the park!


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