5 Family Dinners with ONE Piece of $7.00 Meat – The Struggle is REAL


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“Broken Reality” Kevin
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  1. Vanessa H
    Vanessa H says:

    Loved this video. We often do this and freeze for later meals (although we live in an apt so ours goes in the slow cooker.) A another cheap meal alternative is to simply add your pork to almost any generic gravy packet. We will use whatever we have on hand- pork, mushroom or brown gravy all work. In my local stores it's around $.30‐$1 for a packet of gravy and it goes great with some cheap potatoes and whatever veg you want to serve on the side. There is something really nostalgic about this meal for me, even though it may be me remembering my elementary school lunches…

  2. twocvbloke
    twocvbloke says:

    For a chunk of meat that big here in the UK, you'd need to take out a mortgage, cos meat is now only for the privileged, it's gotten expensive, unless you like poor-quality thinly-sliced whiffs of meat… :

  3. Christine Robinson
    Christine Robinson says:

    No you can't. I have never, ever seen pork shoulder for 99c a pound. And five to six servings is one family dinner, not five, so quit with the deceptive clickbait. GD I hate clickbait. A pork shoulder from Walmart is at $2.12 a pound, as of right now.

  4. Matthew Glosenger
    Matthew Glosenger says:

    A simple recipe I used to make pulled pork in a slow cooker is to add one onion and a bottle of cheap apple juice to your slow cooker and cook it for six to eight hours. It's cheap and makes delicious pulled pork.

  5. Ugly German Truths
    Ugly German Truths says:

    Of course this is not burnt- I have burnt my fair share of meat, toast or pizza in my life and burnt crust is (and looks) DRY… this was glistening, wet, juicy bark. Just like you want from a good roast.

  6. KC8RBK73
    KC8RBK73 says:

    I really appreciate your videos. First of all you are doing a great service to those in need. Helping give them better ideas on ways to feed themselves and their families with little resources, things they may have not thought of before. At this point in my life I can afford to eat as I wish but I still enjoy making your recipes. I currently have hoover stew in the fridge. It cost me a total of $5 and will end up lasting my wife and I 5 days. We leveled it up with canned tomatoes from our garden, some left over veggies and slightly more expensive sausage. Also it is getting to be the season I can start foraging outside for things to use as ingredients and your recipes are top on my list for places to use them. Every penny saved is a penny earned as my grandmother used to say. She grew up in the great depression some days only having a couple potatoes and possibly a rabbit to feed her parents and 8 siblings. She could create a meal from thin air. I learned my skill of improvising from her but i wish now I'd paid a lot more attention to how she cooked many things. No one makes an apple pie like your grandma… Again thank you very much for the entertaining and inspiring videos!

  7. Charles Layton
    Charles Layton says:

    I do an "almost" vacuum seal this way: put the food portion in a plastic bag and close the bag almost completely. Insert a plastic straw until it goes near to the food. Suck out as much air as you can through the straw, then very quickly pull the straw out and seal the bag. Obviously this is easiest to do with "zip-lock" style bags, but it can also be managed with regular bags that use twist ties. You don't get absolutely all the air out, but it significantly extends the freezer life of foods, esp. meat. Also, when I buy meat in bulk, such as when chicken thighs are on sale, I will put two thighs in a small, sandwich-size bag. Then all these little bags go into a freezer bag and get the "suck" treatment. In this way I save both space and the irritation of trying to get one serving portion off of a block of frozen meat. (I live alone, so am cooking for one.)

  8. Tamala Rovaris
    Tamala Rovaris says:

    Just bought a reduced pork stew meat $2.44 and some pork boneless ribs! Cut them up and added it to the stew meat. Added garlic, pepper, onions, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes and some additional seasonings! Ended up being 14 servings! Breakfast is served! Nutritious and kids enjoyed it!

  9. Sera
    Sera says:

    Always love the videos like this giving good advice to everyone. Cooking youtube has saved me a lot of time and money, and helped me lose weight in the process.


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