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Ball Park Hot Dogs are as much a summer American tradition as a trip to the ballpark or fireworks on the 4th of July, so you can enjoy the flavor of summer whenever the mood strikes. Our tender and juicy hot dogs plump when you cook ‘em, and are a staple at everything from backyard BBQs to a game-day tailgate to a quick weeknight dinner. Sky’s the limit for toppings. A chili dog a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and onions? Sure! Wrapped in bacon? Love the gourmet twist! You can even create a hot dog buffet, where everyone will find a combination to love. Whether you’re enjoying a classic hot-off-the-grill dog or loading one up Chicago style, Ball Park’s premium hot dogs will always take you back to that authentic taste of summer., Tender, juicy flavor you look forward to – 100% Beef Franks., Nothing But The Best – 100% Beef., Great taste – without artificial colors, flavors, or fillers., BBQ, Party, or Cook Out Must-Haves!, So juicy, they plump when you cook ’em!

Beef, Water, Corn Syrup, Contains 2% Or Less: Salt, Potassium Lactate, Hydrolyzed Beef Stock, Sodium Phosphate, Flavorings, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Extractives Of Paprika.

Boil: If frozen, thaw first. Boil4-5 minutesFor kids under 5 years: Cut frank lengthwise then slice. Grill: If frozen, thaw first. GrillMedium heat, 6-10 minutesFor kids under 5 years: Cut frank lengthwise then slice. Microwave: If frozen, thaw first. MicrowaveWrap in paper towel; heat 30-35 seconds on high. (Ovens vary, times approx. )For kids under 5 years: Cut frank lengthwise then slice.

“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. The Cleeze
    The Cleeze says:

    Interesting. I'm pretty curious to see how it goes. I'm also curious about those onions – they're very bright white, and appear to be finely minced. I'm genuinely curious if there's a bottled/canned relish type version of onions that I've never seen. I'm curious about the condiments you're using, because if they're really good I want to know about them so I can get them. Then again, I like ketchup on my hot dogs, so what do I know/deserve?

  2. Robb403
    Robb403 says:

    I think you discovered why Ball Park hotdogs plump up. Unlike other hotdogs that have a texture like bologna, this brand has globs of beef fat in the mixture that makes them taste good and swell up when roasted. They are about the fattiest hotdogs you can buy. But, they can say it's "all beef" even if they really mean it's mostly beef fat and tallow.

  3. Mike Plonka
    Mike Plonka says:

    Bro, you've got pink nails? And no hair on your hands? You said "you" ate this during the video right? It's cool if you're like that…. But it looked like a woman's hand to me.. 🤷‍♂

  4. Chris Jarvis
    Chris Jarvis says:

    Never boil hot dogs anymore, if you don't have a grill, oven baked at 400 for about 15 – 20 minutes is the second best way to make them. Boiling shrinks them and sucks out every bit of flavor , except for NY dirty water dogs. And those require red onion sauce, Kraut & mustard 😁

  5. Nersius
    Nersius says:

    Really surprised w/ the comments.
    I always thought boil then bruise was the standard way to cook a hotdog.
    (boil until cooked, pour water out of pan, keep cooking until browned & expanded)

  6. george wilson
    george wilson says:

    A real Chicago style hot dog is the only way I go Vienna pure beef kosher dog I like my hot steamed wiener cradled in a warm MaryAnn or S,Rosens Poppyseed professional hot dog bun then you give it a generous kristening of Plochmans yellow mustard then you add your dill relish and onions and sliced tomatoe and sport peppers a generous dusting of celery salt and a big cold dill pickle wedge and that is your classic Chicago way Hot Dog sorry no Catsup or Ketchup it just don’t belong and another thing I need to get off my chest is this B,S , lie that you will fail a Department of Transportation drug screening if you eat poppyseeds on buns or muffins I am a retired Truckdriver I jumped jobs a lot back in the 80s & 90s I took many pee pee tests & never failed a test I ate the muffins all the time & the hotdog and hamburger buns all the time since I was 3 years old I never failed a DOT drug test

  7. eddieh1530
    eddieh1530 says:

    I favor ballpark all beef right now until they change because they all do so from time to time. Many have this funny aftertaste I hate. I have even tried to boil it out with no luck. I am learning the right kind of smoked brats are very good. Pork is fine but never any chicken or turkey for me. Fun show.

  8. chris
    chris says:

    its crazy how expensive hotdogs have gotten. my favorite way to do hotdogs is to shallow deep fry them in bacon grease, my second favorite is to microwave them till they explode cooked right up to the crispy point

  9. Anthony Davidson
    Anthony Davidson says:

    One of my new favorite ways to cook hot dogs is in the crock pot. Just turn it on and put the pack in with no water. Wait 2-3 hour and they are perfect!

    Now with that said I had a party and used two types of all beef hot dogs last time; ball park and members mark (by sams) the members mark ones were great and tasted exactly like the ones off the food court at sams. The ball park ones plumped so much that they split open from doubling in size. They looked like monsters. I’m not sure what they are putting in that dog but if you end up with twice the hotdog after cooking that you had before you started them something is up.

  10. Anthony Davidson
    Anthony Davidson says:

    The third ingredient is corn syrup right behind water, I hate when sugar is put in stuff for seemingly no purpose.

    Not sure what is considered filler in their “no fillers” claim, but to me if it ain’t beef then it’s a filler. Now I understand if an “all beef hotdog was just 100% beef it would be just ground beef, but to say the “all beef” hot dog has no fillers and an ingredient list as long as it does then they are simply lying.

  11. Haystack
    Haystack says:

    I like your hot dog groove, from the cooking method to the toppings. Gotta be grilled, sauteed, or otherwise browned. My roommate loves boiling his and I won't even touch 'em because the smell of them cooking puts me off so much.


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