12 Common Mistakes – Beginner Pellet Grill Owners Make

Just like anything else, pellet grills have a learning curve. When a new pellet grill owner starts out, they tend to make mistakes. Here are 12 common mistakes beginner pellet grill owners make and how to avoid them.

Whether you are a new pellet grill owner or are in the market for one, this video will help ensure your success.

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44 replies
  1. Rob Kaminski
    Rob Kaminski says:

    Keeping the probes clean is a very good tip but for a different teason than you explained. Black dosen't "attract heat" it attracts light, big difference. Probes use heat, which converts to a small electrical current which inturn converts to a temperature. The debris covering the probe insulates the probe which causes very slow temperature reaction.

  2. RoyAlWhicheez
    RoyAlWhicheez says:

    Thanks for this dude! I got a Traeger about 2 months ago and figured most of this stuff out on my own but there was definitely a few things here I'm going to pay more attention to 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. Randy Bachmeier
    Randy Bachmeier says:

    The Traeger manual says, “It is not necessary to keep the grill door open at start-up; however, the grill door should be closed once the preheat cycle begins so that the grill can reach the desired set temperature.”

  4. Will Reasoner
    Will Reasoner says:

    yeah the ash. It gets every where… + on what ever is cooking. I keep my RecTec parked… I guess I have some kind of thing… about all the pellet dust… most likely, there isn't a health concern… but who knows. Good Video

  5. Rafael Sonera
    Rafael Sonera says:

    Glad I found your video. I just ordered my first pellet smoker ever and at least I know what not to do. Your advise will be very helpful. (#4)-How can I tell what is a good quality pellet? Is it just cost base? Thanks

  6. Brad
    Brad says:

    Another pro tip for cleaning the temp probe if it's hard to reach. just use a brush and some rubbing alcohol or wrap it in a soaked paper towel with alcohol and the gunk will rub off easily enough with a few rounds. Most pits put them out of easy reach but something non toxic and soak should clean it easy.

  7. Redneck Atheist
    Redneck Atheist says:

    Tip #1 should be to sift your pellets. Another tip…buy metal trays with wire racks. That way you can insulate your cook with water or beer, but also save the lard/tallow that comes off, and not gum up your diffuser. You can add the lard/tallow to the slather when you wrap in pink paper. Overall, good video, with great tips. Y'all get you a collapsible smoke tube and fill with a mix of pellets and hardwood pieces…it helps build that "dirty" smoke flavor.

  8. ParrotHead 1809
    ParrotHead 1809 says:

    Per my Traeger manual: "It is not necessary to keep the grill door open at start-up; however, the grill door should be closed once the preheat
    cycle begins so that the grill can reach the desired set temperature."

  9. Mike O'Reilly
    Mike O'Reilly says:

    For folks that are new to pellet grills, Jake absolutely knows what he's talking about, so it would be good to pay attention to what he says. Those of us that have been cooking with pellet grills for a while can only nod our heads in agreement. Great video.

  10. Bluesky9
    Bluesky9 says:

    We are new to pellet grilling and have some good success already but still found your tips a helpful review – thanks. We have found it helpful to put a layer of Al over the diffuser. (Cutting slots as needed) and after a few cooks it can be easily removed leaving diffuser in good shape. We have been using Thermoworks probes for years. Very tight coordination with each of our Camp Chef’s 4 probes. It keeps temp amazingly within +/- 5 degrees which I find outstanding, and unexpected.

  11. BetterOffBlue
    BetterOffBlue says:

    Sorry but I am looking at my manufacturers directions and I am absolutely supposed to start my smoker with the lid closed. It is a major pellet grill brand, one of the largest. I would bet my next paycheck this "rare explosion" that can happen is being blamed on the lid so that companies can blame user error rather than faulty equipment. Gonna have to ask for more sources regarding a claim as big as "your grill can explode"

  12. Fred Wilcox
    Fred Wilcox says:

    Great video. Question…. I am ready to purchase a pellet smoker. If cost is not a problem should I get the 640 or the 1500. I don’t do large groups so additional capacity is not required however are there other reasons to go with the 1500. Thanks for the guidance !

  13. E
    E says:

    Do you come up with a solid pellet brand? Thanks for everything you do, looking to purchase in the next week or 2 depending on availability.


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