$1.00 Frozen Burrito vs. $1.00 Frozen Burrito – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


$1.00 Frozen Burrito vs. $1.00 Frozen Burrito – Which One Is The BEST?

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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38 replies
  1. Buttermilk 1
    Buttermilk 1 says:

    I love hamburgers an bbq sandwich, at dollor store they have chicken also but not my favorite..them bbq I add Frank's reds hot sauce an mustard..it might be the cold beer that makes the good also…lol

  2. Carrie Taylor
    Carrie Taylor says:

    honestly, before I watch I just wanna say I absolutely love the Jose Ole burritos. they're amazing and crisp up if you let em sit in the microwave for likeeee 4 minutes. might as well because they're lava when they come out immediately anyway.

  3. Strawman Fallacy
    Strawman Fallacy says:

    WOW I've never had an El Monterey burrito that shitty! I used to eat them like every day at work for lunch. It was literally one layer of tortilla and a metric crapton of beef and cheese. They were also 1.50$ so I wonder if there's like some price tier system.


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